2010 NFL Annual Selection Meeting of College Players or in laymens terms Draft

The 2010 NFL Draft is behind us and it is now time to for us to start breaking it down. The Quarterback position was the most broken down and I will throw my 2 cents in.

  • Sam Bradford (#1 Overall Pick, St. Louis Rams)
    The talented former University of Oklahoma standout, came into the 2009 Season with something to prove. After falling to the Florida gators in the 2009 FedEx National Championship, Oklahoma was among the favorites to contend to play in the 2010 National Championship Game, but a shoulder injury against BYU in week 1 would prove costly to the 2008 Heisman Trophy Winner. After weeks of rehab and rest, He would return against Texas in the Red River Shootout, but it would prove to be a return too soon. Texas’ unrelenting defense took shot after shot at him , driving the injured right shoulder into the turf. Oklahoma lost the game, but even worse, would lose Bradford for the rest of the season. 3 days later, he would hold a press conference to declare to the world what was quickly becoming the worst kept secret in Division 1 College Football, he would declare himself eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft.

    What would begin at this point would be how would the injury affect his draft status. Early on he was moved from a high 1st round pick to the mid 3’s, but a trip to world renown surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, would start his road to recovery and back to the 1st round. Pro Days, Scouting Combine and Individual Workouts would come and go, which would then set the stage for Aprill 22,2010.

    The 75th Annual NFL Draft, the first in Prime-time. but the question would become where will he be drafted. The most obvious choice was 1st overall to St. Louis, but the mounting situation with Ben Roethlisberger, NFL and Pittsburgh Steelers could potentially throw a wrench into the situation. With Pittsburgh saying that it would part ways with Roethlisberger for a top 10 draft pick, attention started to become, St. Louis would be crazy to not trade for Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger a 2 time Super Bowl Champion would bring instant credibility to the Rams, and would help them further the turn around the franchise. All questions would be answered, when Roger Goodell accepted the Rams draft card and walked to the podium to announce, the Rams had selected Bradford #1 overall.

    With that Bradford, begins the search for a new home in or around St. Louis, meeting new teammates, learning a new playbook and last but not least. CASHING A PAYCHECK!!! Which will be the highest for a #1 Draft Pick Ever. Success for Bradford and the Rams will not be seen this year, maybe even next year, but it’s coming Rams fans, if not Spags will be fired and you will be looking to start over.

  • Tim Tebow (#25 Overall, Denver Broncos)
    Where do you start to describe Tim Tebow? Detractors have there words, Fans have theirs, but this is my blog and I have the 5 ways that I will describe him. Leader, Charismatic, Hard Worker, Character, and the best of all WINNER. In his 4 years at UF he won 2 National Championships, 3 BCS Bowl Games played in 2 SEC Championship games and was the 1st Sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy when he won the award in 2007. After losing a game in early 2008 against Ole Miss, Tebow in his weekly press address gave the Gators Gettysburg Address, after the loss Florida would rip through the rest of the 2008 season into the 2009 National Championship game to take on Bradford’s Oklahoma Sooners. At halftime of the game with Florida trailing, Tebow would search for his inner Jonathon Moxon, and deliver a halftime speech to the team, that would help catapult them to a win in the game.

    After the game speculation would begin as to Tebow’s future and at a celebration to honor the National Champion Gators, Tebow would give the fans what they wanted to hear. He would be back for his Senior season, as Florida was the pre season favorite to win the National Championship for a 2nd straight year and a 3rd in 4 years. The season for the Gators was rolling along until a hit on Tebow in a game against the Kentucky Wildcats, would knock him unconscious and drive him from the game. Speculation would begin as to Tebow’s health and future for the season. Those questions would be answered 2 weeks later when Tebow would be the Gators starting quarterback and he would remain there for the rest of the season. A loss in the SEC Championship game would deny Tebow what he longed for and returned to Florida in his Senior season for a Perfect Season and National Championship. Tebow and the Gators would take on Cincinnati in the 2010 sugar Bowl and the Gators would then score early and often in the game to win his 3rd BCS Bowl Game.

    After the season ended, Tebow was invited to play in the Senior Bowl, and his throwing mechanics and potential to play Quarterback in the NFL were questioned and called in. Prognosticators would say anything from he wouldn’t be drafted to he would not play QB in the NFL. A new throwing motioned was being worked on and Tebow would then begin working hard to prove everyone wrong the way he almost seems to have done since he was conceived and born. When Roger Goodell announced his selection 25th overall to the Denver Broncos, those questions were answered and a whole new batch of questions began to emerge. For the nay sayers of Tim Tebow, I will say this, I believe this kid, will do anything he sets his mind to, Bronco fans he will be your starting QB in 3 years and will have a long fruitful career.

  • Colt McCoy (85th Overall Pick, Cleveland Browns)

    The Quarterback at the University of Texas, may be the second most high profile sports position in the state. QB for the Dallas Cowboys is #1. Leaving college Colt ranks #1 in wins all-time with 45. McCoy a 4 year starter at Texas ranks among the all time leaders in TDs ans Passing Yds. McCoy a runner up for the 2008 Heisman Trophy defeated #1 Oklahoma during 2008 but a loss on a last second TD against Texas Tech cost his team a chance to play for the National Championship and the Big XII Championship. Another player who decided to come back to college for his Senior season, may have hurt his draft stock the most. But, he led his team to the National Championship game against Alabama, and a freak injury cut his chance at a National Championship short. McCoy is a double threat quarterback who will be compared to Hall of Famer Steve Young. McCoy, who was not considered to be a 1st round pick, but a mid to late 2nd Rounder found himself drop to the Cleveland Browns at # 85.

    Other than Tebow, no QB in this draft has a brighter future with a coach or organization, than does McCoy. Uniting with GM Mike Holmgren, could prove to be fruitful for him and he could become a huge star in Cleveland, a town that has been searching for a franchise QB since the franchise came back into the league in 1999. With saying that they have been searching for a franchise QB since Bernie Kosar left town. Holmgren and Head Coach Eric Mangini have already said to the Dawg Pound, that he will not play in 2010, a good sign that the franchise is on track to become a player in the AFC North. Fans, do not start calling for him the way you did for Brady Quinn, enjoy Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme this year and wait for Colt. He will be a good pro if he sits and learns under the tutelage of Holmgren and Delhomme.

  • Jimmy Claussen (48th Overall, Carolina Panthers)
    I saved him for last not because of the catastrophic fall from the 1st round but because he is the most intriguing player of the 4. As a High School Senior, Claussen was the #1 Prep prospect, and Notre Dame seemed to be the most logical choice for him. With Brady Quinn graduating and Charlie Weis the Head Coach of the Irish, Notre Dame was a QB’s dream. Charlie Weis was 2 years removed from being the Offensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots, who had won 3 of the previous 4 Super Bowls and had taken Tom Brady, a 6th Round Compensatory selection #199 in the 200o NFL Draft, and helped turn into a 2 time Super Bowl MVP and one of the greatest QB’s in history. Notre Dame didn’t flourish under Claussen and Weis. Under Claussen, Notre Dame would not return to the glory of the past. He was named the teams starting QB, in week 2 of his Freshman Year, Claussen would go on to start 7 of the schools final 9 games in 2007. In 2008, more inconsistency showed for Claussen. Notre Dame was 7-6 on the year and Claussen was named Co-MVP of the Hawaii bowl. 2009, was Notre Dame’s 3rd straight sub par season which led to Charlie Weis being fired in early December. Shortly thereafter, Claussen declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft.

    Claussen’s off the field issues are more glaring than that of the other 3 players. A 2007 arrest for Illegal Transportation of Alcohol and a 2009 bar fight, have helped mar his character and judgement. One of the topics that were brought up as a possible detractor were his cockiness and arrogance was a popular question in Indianapolis during the Combine. The answers that he gave were called back into question when an interview with Jon Gruden aired. A particular play in question, was when a WR broke off a route, and Claussen had made a bad throw. Gruden then asked Claussen what happened on the route and Claussen said that the receiver had broken off the route. That single question alone hurt Claussen’s draft status more than anything else. In a time of teams looking for character players, Claussen doesn’t present himself as a great leader in the way Tebow, Bradford and McCoy are. Claussen chose to not attend the NFL Draft in New York this weekend and it was for the best as pick after pick ticked off the board he had to be sitting in his home in California, saying to himself what did I quite possibly do wrong.

    John Fox isn’t going to put up to long with his brash brand of idiocy. Although, he is not replacing a long running incumbent QB, he is going to have to prove he can stay healthy and become a winner, which he never found at Notre Dame.

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