I believe LeBron is all about Himself, OH, let me count the ways

Now that we have learned of the pure venomous hatred Cleveland Cavaliers Owner andFatHead, the peel able wall graphics company CEO has for Queen James, and for the fact of we like to have fun here at What's Brewin, A reminder, don't piss off Betty White fans. Betty White Nation did help her land as the host on SNL this year)  SheBron, you could have scored with Betty White, ok this may not be your thing, but it’s definitely better than the MANAGE AU THREE you now have in Miami. Seriously, Queerbron, your a great talent, but your Patrick Ewing’s illegitimate kid, a royal skank bitch who has never won a damn thing. In High School, St. Anthony’s wouldhave crushed you like a bug, but you didn’t play them. So, since your Fathead wall graphics are now on sale for the low, low, discount of price of $17.41 Lebron fat head(for those of you non history buffs, another great traitors birth year, Benedict Arnold) We here at the show have decided a Drunky’s One Minute of Comedy Top 10 list is in order.Now that Shebron is Public Enemy number 1, Things you can do to his Fathead Wall Graphic, or just random thoughts about him !

10. Line your cat's litter box

9. What better to practice for your company Paint ball trip

8. Kids, this is the person you don't want to grow up to become

7. Women's self defense classes

6. Point to it on the wall and say baby at least I'm not as disloyal as he is

5. Remind yourself that Brian Scalabrine has more rings than him

4. A Rod and Tiger only cheated on their wives

3. Someone actually looked up to Art Modell as a kid growing up

2. Cavs tickets will be readily available again

1. Pin the tail on the donkey.

Hope this made your day a little better.

What's Brewin with Chris Wassel, Scott Isaaccson and our new Co-Host is Hiba Thamer, you know her as @gogetmycoffee on twitter and her blog "Pretty in Pinstripes" on mlblogs.com.  To listen to the show live, Mondays and Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/whatsbrewin and you can also download the podcast on iTunes.


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