Some Afternoon Patriots Linkage…

by Mike Dussault,

Some good stuff popping up around the internets this afternoon as the frenzy of buildup to MNF continues.
First is this article from the New York Post that pretty much sums up what we already know… that the Pats have been bending and pretty close to breaking all year long and need to depend on Brady. It’s nothing we haven’t been talking about all season long but they do have some good stats that are informative and give some context to where this Pats D ranks. I think just because it’s from a New York paper it might fire people up a little bit, but they’re just stating facts.
To counter the negativity in that one we have this little gem on BB from Mike Freeman, who has written some pretty scathing anti-Pats articles in the past. We know about the Pats defensive struggles but everyone seems to leave out that this defense has been nearly completely turned over and rebuilt in the last two seasons. This 2010 draft class has really cemented the foundation and it looks like no matter how this season ends up the Patriots will be a solid team for the next 4-6 years at least. Put it this way, when Brady’s ready to hang them up this defense will be a veteran group that should help ease the transition to whoever is the next QB. Yes folks, I think about long term domination.
Finally we wrap it up with this Belichick Breakdown from the Lions game. BB’s breakdowns are always my favorite part of Patriots All Access, if only I could embed them…

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