Calling All Tri-State Sports Fans….

Yes we are asking for the fans and the listeners’ help.  As Executive Producer of Whats Brewin, it is my goal to give you sports talk unfiltered the way it was meant to be to all fans and listeners.  The show needs any and all aid you can give it.

George Brew runs one of the best sports shows out there but being on internet radio has its shortfalls obviously.  I cannot say enough about the man and the fact that he puts up with myself on a daily basis.  The show speaks for itself.

In the coming year, Whats Brewin will get bigger and bigger and we would like the fans to be apart of it. Just follow the links and I promise you, you will come back for more.  Simply, let’s do this right and give the sports fans everything they want and then some.

From all of us at Whats Brewin to all of you, we wish you a Happy Holidays and do not forget to listen in tomorrow for Whats Brewin In Football at 10pm ET on Blog Talk Radio.  Thanks again.


Chris Wassel


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