So Michael Vick Wants a Dog

This week, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick announced that he would like to have a pet agan, Yes, Convicted Dog Fighter and killer Michael Vick wants a puppy, for his daughters.  There is a real simple and easier answer to this….We as a society have welcomed him back into society, as we are accepting his Pro Bowl Caliber play this year(NFL leading vote getter), we are cheering for him, hoping his team makes the playoffs, and buying his Jerseys at record numbers.   As a society, we want to see people change and while, what Vick did is reprehensible, deplorable, and down right shedding the moral fiber, he did serve his punishment and is now reaching out speaking about the dangers of dog fighting, I propose the following 12 step program(probably wont be 12 steps but)  back to dog ownership for Michael Vick.

Step 1:  Invisible Dog Leash-  You know what they are. We’ve all seen kids walking around amusement parks holding a dog leash and voila no dog.

Step 2:  Pluto plush- Everyone knows that Pluto is Mickey’s best friend so now he can become Vickey’s best friend.  If Pluto doesn’t have a piece of his faux fur out of place allow Vick to graduate to step 3.
Step 3- Nano Puppy- Remember 1998’s Christmas Toy du jour, well give one to Vick, it’s a game but it will prove that he is willing to get back on the wagon, by dealing with that pain in the tucchus toy.  Onto Step 4
Step 4 Make him watch “Old Yeller”  – Do I really need to explain this one
Step 5 Work as a seeing eye dog:  Seriously, we want Vick to say he’s sorry or that he feels terrible, turn the tide on him, force him to work with the blind acting has their seeing eye dog.
Step 6 As hoping Vick has followed all of these steps, now allow him to own a Dog….A Robo Dog
Step 7: If Vick doesn’t forget to change RoboPooch’s batteries then he will have passed what I feel should be his steps back to dog ownership,  Make him start small and by small i mean teacup and allow him to work his was up to full dog ownership.  

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