The statistical personality of the Patriots passing offense

Take a look at some Patriots passing offense NFL ranks:
  • 5th (T) in sacks allowed.
  • 1st in passer rating. (108.4)
  • 19th (T) in plays of 40 plus yards.
  • 9th (T) in plays of 20 plus yards.
  • 12th in passing yards per game.
  • 12th in total yards.
  • 11th in percentage passing yards after catch.
When I look at these stats you know what phrase comes to mind?
Surgical procedure.
The 2010 Patriots protect their quarterback, he makes the right reads and throws, and they beat opponents by a death of one thousand cuts.
It has been a brutally efficient offense. They don’t rely on the deep ball and they don’t need to. Remember all those who thought the Patriots minus Randy Moss could no longer stretch the field, and Wes Welker would suck, and so on?
Yeah, if anything it made them better.
Though they have more of a horizontal attack they are not overly reliant on screen passes. The label “dink and dunk” is definitely not applicable here.
While this offense can move the ball by any means necessary, their bread and butter is the intermediate passing game. The deep outs (hardest throw for an NFL QB), deep come backs and posts run by a dynamic set of offensive pieces.
The only thing that really holds this offense back is the defense’s inability to get off the field on third down. The Pats are 23rd in time of possession.


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