Blame Game: 2010 New York Giants

They started off the season a little shaky.  At midseason they were considered the best in the NFL.  They fell apart in the last few weeks.  They have a 10-6 record.  With all of this, the New York Giants still managed to miss the playoffs.

There are a lot of people from players to coaches who are at fault as to what happened to the Giants season.  Who is to blame?  Let’s go through the list:

1. Turnovers
The Giants as a team led the NFL in turnovers with 41.  This cannot happen.  Turnovers can change the entire face of the game and they took a toll on the Giants season with so many of them.  Ahmad Bradshaw missed many opportunities to score in the endzone because he fumbled the ball too much.  The wide receivers tipped a lot of Eli Manning’s passes and turned them into picks.

2. Eli Manning
This was a very down season for Manning.  He has had a lot of great moments, but what really hurt him were the interceptions.  Manning led all quarterbacks in the NFL this season in thrown interceptions with 25.  Yes, a lot of those picks were hit off his recievers hands BUT the bottom line is you cannot turn the ball over.

3. Defense
Yes, the defense was much much more improved from the 2009 season, however they had a lot of problems with playing solid throughout the entire game.  Week 3 the Giants played the Tennessee Titans and were winning, but the defense back down and the Titans were able to rally back for a victory.  Let’s not forget either the heartbreaking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Week 15.  The Giants were rolling and in the final 8 minutes of the game the Eagles scored four touchdowns and won the game.  Coaches of any sport will tell you:  Defense wins games.  The Giants would have won those games easily if the defense played the entire game.

4. Tom Coughlin
Not all of the problems of the season are all on Coughlin, but he is held accountable.  He will not be fired, which he shouldn’t be anyway.  There have been situations of coaching decisions that were questionable (Like keeping Matt Dodge around), but I give him a vote of confidence.  Also it’s up to Coughlin to keep his team in check.  For example, he needed to find a way to keep the defense in order to play the entire game, which they didn’t seem to be capable of.

5. Special Teams
No words can describe how terrible the Giants special teams were this season.  It was as if Domenik Hixon got injured for the season and the special teams just collapsed.  They couldn’t seem to run the ball more than 10-15 yards off a punt or kickoff return.  They had a lot of issues covering opposing teams returns (let’s not forget the DeSean Jackson return).  Matt Dodge was one of the worst punters in the history of the NFL.  Lawrence Tynes was the only positive of the special teams this season by making almost all of his FGs.  Special teams coach Tom Quinn should pray he doesn’t lose his job.

6. Kevin Gilbride
I have never been a Kevin Gilbride fan for a number of reasons.  The Giants offense will have a great drive in tight games and he’ll call a play that just breaks up the momentum of the drive.  Why he’s having Manning run the ball on 3rd & 28 on their own 15 is beyond me.  He should have also worked on fixing the turnover problems that have plagued.  Gilbride may not lose his job, but he’ll certainly be evaluated.

The Giants have a lot of problems to work on and a lot of changes to make this coming offseason.  There really isn’t one person to blame for why the Giants missed to playoffs, but these six points above are played a role.


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