Wildcard Saturday

Sitting home sick, like everyone else around new york, I figured it would be a good time to share some thoughts about wildcard weekend. Lets start with the saturday games.

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks
The way i look at this game is there are two x factors in it. The first one is the seattle crowd. The seahawks play better at home because of the 12 th man. As you saw last week that crowd causes an average of 2 false start penalties a game, number on in the nfl. The second Matt Hasselback is starting. Usually when someone says that it would be a good thing but this week im not so sure. Yes, Hasselback is the more experienced quarterback but in the biggest game of the season Charlie Whitehurst came in a got the seahawks here. So if it were me, I would have let Whitehurst have this oppertunity. On paper this game should be a blowout. New Orleans is the defending superbowl champs, they have the better offense, the better defense and the more experienced coach but because it in seattle the Seahawks have a chance. In the end this game is closer then people think but not close enought for seattle. The Saints win but it not a big as everyone thinks.

New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts

For the second straight year the Jets travel to Indianapolis for a playoff game and that is where the similarities from last year end. These are two totally different teams. From the Jets perspective the defense is not nearly as effective as they were last year. The Jets defense averages giving up 19 points per game this season which was up from what they did last year. The also are not as effective with there blitz package as they were one year ago. Marc Sanchez has developed and a qb this season i will give you that but the running game is not a good as a year ago. Meanwhile for Indianapolis, Payton Manning is Payton Manning despite the high number of interceptions this year but his supporting cast is not. No Dallas Clark, no Austin Collie, no Jospeh Addia for Indy in this game. The Jets defense will get just enough pressure on the Manning, the Jets running game will do just enough to keep Payton on the sideline and Brad Smith the big wildcard for the Jets will make a big play at somepoint in ths game. Predication the Jets win on a fourth quarter Nick Folk fieldgoal and we get to hear another week of how the Jets are going to go into Foxboro and win in the playoffs.

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