And the 2003 Patriots are the last team to defend *updated*

Since the 2004 NFL Season and the New England Patriots Back to Back Super Bowl Wins,  no Super Bowl winning team has repeated.  2005 Patriots won Wild Card Weekend, lost to Denver AFC Divisional Playoff Game, 2006 Steelers failed to reach the playoffs, 2007 Colts #2 seed lost to San Diego AFC Divisional Playoff Game, 2008 Giants #1 seed lost to Philadelphia NFC Divisional Playoff Game, 2009 Steelers failed to reach the playoffs, and the 2010 Saints #5 seed lost to Seattle NFC Wild Card Playoff Game.

So as hard as it is for a team to shake the jitters of losing the Super Bowl, winning the game is just as hard the following season.  For all the pomp and circumstance that comes with winning, advancing in the playoffs has proved deadly to teams.  Every pundit says you have a target on your back but come on, these teams had the intestinal fortitude to win the whole thing defending should be easier.

When Seattle beat the St. Louis Rams on SNF to win the NFC West in Week 17, they became 10 1/2 point home underdogs to the defending Super Bowl Champs.  But a home game and a short week for the team that many including me said didn’t belong in the playoffs finishing their season at 7-9, but after a 41-36 win over the Saints, they live to fight another week.  Congrats to Pete Carrol and the Seahawks, treat the next 3 games as Bowl Games and you may take home the trophy in Dallas in 4 weeks.

Updated- Thanks to @yankeelegend27 for reminding me that the 2005 Patriots won their Wild Card game over Jacksonville 28-3.


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