Manning is better than Brady, Yea at throwing TD’s from the 1 yard line

The funniest line I’ve ever heard uttered on a NFL Pre and or Post Game Show goes to Dan Marino.  In the moments after Peyton Manning passed Marino for most TD passes in a single season, Marino quipped “If I threw 4 yard touchdown passes, I wonder how many I would have had.”  We are always looking to compare players to each other, Magic and Larry, Willie, Mickey and The Duke, Mario and Wayne, Crosby and Ovechkin, Marino and Montana, Favre and Young, Bruce and Jon but no two are compared to each other in recent years than Brady and Manning. The great thing about sports is rivalries, which spark debate everywhere from talk radio to bars to barber shops to family gatherings to basically any where people gather and have a place to break each other’s chops about their side of the argument.
Brady vs Manning, Patriots vs Colts, 2 franchises that until they drafted and started playing those draftees were the perennial doormats of the AFC East.  After going 3-13 in 1998, Manning lead the Colts to the playoffs in 1999 and 2000 and then a 6th Round pick from Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechigan took over for an injured Drew Bledsoe and became the “Prince of Boston”.  Brady’s 1st career win came against Peyton Manning in Week 3 of 2001 and we didn’t know it then, but Brady vs Manning in the years since has been thrown into the greatest QB rivalry ever debate, even more they are both in the debate for the Greatest QB Ever.  Silly maybe, it’s impossible to compare eras, but one the guys is a throwback and the other is a stat compiler (yea I compared someone to A-Rod).
John Elway is better than Dan Marino for one reason in many peoples eyes and that reason is one number…2. The number of Super Bowl wins that Elway won while a member of the Denver Broncos. Joe Montana is considered by many to be the greatest QB ever because of the number 4, his Super Bowl wins.  Jim Kelly took his team to 4 Super Bowls but lost, Troy Aikman is a hall of famer because of his 3 Super Bowl Rings.  So for one single second for you to think Manning is better than Brady, I say to you phooey, get your head examined and look at it objectively.
I am not here saying that Peyton Manning is anything less than great, but to be considered to greatest of anything in history, I humbly ask the following question, Don’t you have to be your best on the professions biggest stages?  In music if you bomb a concert at Madison Square Garden or lip sync on Saturday Night Live you become Ashlee Simpson, choke in the playoffs and you become villianized like Alex Rodriguez, President Bush do I need to provide an example.  Peyton Manning has become that player, great regular season stats under .500 in the playoffs,    Honestly, no one has choked harder on TV since FEMA couldn’t find it’s hind end using 2 hands a bright light and a neon sign pointing to it in the dark.  Following the loss to the New York Jets at home in the AFC Wild Card Round, I got to thinking, why do people swear he’s so great.
 Manning fans always challenge that Brady has always had a better defense on his side and while that may be true how many have counter argued that Brady hasn’t had the offensive talent that Manning has,  Brady is a system QB, what the hell has every great QB in NFL history been? Manning is a system all to his own, a system that chokes in big games, but a system nonetheless.  What hurts Brady in that phase of the argument is that Matt Cassel, had a 10-5 record in 2008 after Brady was sidelined after a knee injury.  When you start to break down the argument of talent consider the fact that Brady himself isn’t a 1st Round pick in the NFL Draft, Brady was a 6th Round Compensatory pick.  Brady’s favorite target of his career is Deion Branch a 2nd Round pick out of Louisville, who after the 2005 season held out looking for a new contract and was consequentiality traded to the Seattle Seahawks for their 1st Round pick in the 2007 Draft and was traded back to New England this season a week after Randy Moss was traded to Minnesota.  While 2007 was Brady’s best statistical season, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants ending their shot at perfection.  
Manning on the other hand has had 1st round pick after 1st round pick join his offense and the team has won 1 Super Bowl a game in which they defeated Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game to reach.  Early in Manning’s career against the Patriots, Bill Belichick and the Patriots dominated him and the Indianapolis Colts, defeating them in back to back post seasons and until 2005 had not beaten the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.  In the 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009 regular season Manning and the Colts got the better of the Patriots, but failed in every year other than 2006 to win the Big One.
Manning’s NFL Career began in 1998 and he has started every game of his NFL career and has a career regular season record of 141 and 67 which is a career winning percentage of .678 but is 9-10 in the playoffs which gives him a .473 winning percentage, whereas Brady is 111 and 32 with a career winning percentage of  .776 and is 14 and 4 in the playoffs which equates to a .778 winning percentage.  Brady is a model of consistency and what makes Brady’s numbers even more impressive is that he plays his home games outdoors not in a climate controlled dome, which Manning has done since his career began.  Playing in the elements has to account for something right?  Manning has better career numbers than Brady does but he also has played 4 more complete seasons than Brady has and has never had the season ending injury that Brady has.  But in my opinion winning percentage means more to me than any other stat but here goes each players stats thanks to our friends at Pro Football Reference
Regular Season
Tom Brady
Games 145 Starts 143 111-32 2996-4710 63.6 Comp % 34,774 Yards 261 TD 95.2 Rating
Peyton Manning
Games 208 Starts 208 141-67 4682-7210 64.9 Comp % 54,828 Yards 399 TD 94.9 Rating
Post Season
Brady (not including 2010 Playoffs)
18 G 18 GS 14-4 395-637 62.0% 4108 Yds 28 TD 85.5 Rating
Manning (not including 2010 Playoffs)
18 G 18 GS 9-9 435-692 62.9% 5164 Yds 28 TD 87.6 Rating

So there ya have it, I believe Tom Brady is the Greatest QB Ever now make your pick.


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