Rexy finally beats Peyton Manning playing a full game, YAY!!!

As a warm blooded, fan of the New England Patriots, watching Nick Folk hit a 32 yard game winning Field Goal, brought a joy to my heart.  Well you may ask why? Why, I take full and total pleasure into seeing Peyton Manning lose.  Super Bowl XLIV, yep I rooted for the Saints.  And since I cannot root for the Just End The Seasons, I prayed for a tie game that lasted until Wednesday.  But since that didn’t happen, and the Jets won, I would like to personally invite the Jets to Foxboro and Gillette Stadium next Sunday afternoon to play the AFC’s #1 seed.  Well Rex, remember what your mom and teachers taught you in Kindergarten, “Be careful what you asked for?”  After the Patriots Monday Night Football, well let’s call it what it was, ASS BEATING, you know the game where Rex said it was the “Game of the Year”, and then in his post game press conference said He’d wanna go back out there and play that team again.  Well Rex it’s over a month later but here is your chance.

But Rex, remember to keep your mouth shut, hell put Nick Folk’s foot in your mouth (I heard you like that kind of stuff), I don’t care what you do, just shut up this week.  Oh wait, that is humanly impossible for you to do, since you started talking smack against the Patriots last week.  Since 1983, the Patriots have not lost to an AFC East opponent in the playoffs, and they haven’t just played one AFC East rival, they’ve played a few of them.  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have only lost one home playoff game, and while I know hat it was last year, the Patriots do have 2 additions that weren’t in Foxboro, last year when the Ravens absolutely destroyed the Patriots, Wes Welker and Deion Branch, remember them Rex?  So Rex enjoy your week, get your team ready, 67,000+ are going to be there and they are out for blood, and it’s you and your team’s blood that is in the water and they are circling.


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