Divisional Championship weekend

Well here we go again. Another exciting addition of Jets vs Patriots, lets see who can talk louder.

Game 1 Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburg Steelers
One of the great rivalries in the NFL renews itself at Heinz Field today. The Steelers won in Baltimore and the Ravens won in Pittsburg all be it without Big Ben. This game comes down to defense and whos quarterback can make the big play. I know your saying then im going to pick the Steelers…WRONG! This is going to be Joe Flacco’s offical coming out party. Ray Rice will have over 100 yards on the ground, Ray Lewis will re-introduce himself to Big Ben and Joe Flacco will make a few big plays just enough for the Ravens to pull out the win. Ravens go to the AFC Championsip game.

Game 2 Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons

I know that Matt Ryan has one career loss in the Georgia Dome, I know that the Falcons might be the best home team in the NFL and I know that the Falcons beat the Packers earlier this year in this building but this is going to be the year in which Aaron Rodgers puts himself into the discussion with the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The Packers will be able to run the ball in this game. The packers will be able to stop the run, the packers might have the best set of wide receivers left in the playoffs. The Packers are the better team here in my opionion and it will preval today. The packers go into Atlanta and win the football game.

Game 3 Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears

To me, this game is simple. The Bears have the bette defense, the bears have the better running game, the bears if he doesnt turn the ball over have the better quarterback and the bears are at home. Of all the game this has blowout written all over it. Take the Bears in this one.

Game 4 New York Jets vs New England Patriots

If the Jets are going to win this game they have to do a few things. One control the clock, two run the football and three dont turn the ball over. This is easier said then done. The Patriots are the better team here. Tom Brady is the better quarterback and Bill Belichek is the better coach. The Jets are not 42 point worse then New England but they will lose this game.

AFC Championship game Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

NFC Championship game Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Be sure to catch Brew, myself and Howie on Monday for Whatbrewin in sports on blogtalk radio. Enjoy your football everyone.


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