Today’s Rant: Hate Brian Cashman Week

I have never been so upset with the Yankee fan base than I have been this week.  I am a die hard Yankee fan and I feel truly embarrassed by some fellow fans.

Apparently this week was “Hate Brian Cashman Week.”

If you want to question some of GM Cashman’s moves that’s fine. Everyone does it.  However, to say that he “must want to be fired” or “he’s not working hard this offseason” is unacceptable.  It’s not like he didn’t offer an insane contract to Cliff Lee (a contract in my honest opinion was too much for a pitcher we really didn’t need).

Ask any non-Yankee fan, especially of teams in the AL East, if they would love Cashman to be fired.  They would say, “Yes.”  TRUST  your General Manager.  If you don’t then you might as well not watch the season because you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

I was extremely disgusted today when I found out that fans were actually criticizing Cashman for being a guest bartender at a CHARITY event to raise money for prostate cancer.

Are you kidding me? I was upset that I could not make the event that night.  For everyone I know that was there they found him great and engaging.  How about you appreciate the face that your GM is doing something for a good cause and not bash the Cash.

If you really think that Cashman isn’t working hard or wanting our team to succeed then get out of the fan base and join another team.  You are not needed here.


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