Yankees and Mets: Class or Classles?

I was on Twitter and I saw a lot of back and forth commotion between Mets and Yankee fans.  It’s the usual banter on why one stadium is better than the other, why some players are better than others, blah blah blah…

One statement that struck my attention however was one of the Mets fans said that the “Yankees don’t have enough money for class and morals.”

OK first of all let me just put it out there that I am NOT a Mets hater.  I am a big time Yankee fan, but I do enjoy going to Mets games and keeping track of their seasons.  There are a handful of players on the Mets roster that I do like as great baseball players and human beings.

Anyway back to the point of this blog post.

The statement saying that the Yankees don’t have class or morals is completely out of line.  Why do you say that? Because ARod is on the team? He’s one person.  NOT the entire squad.  Aside from him look at the rest of the team.  It is FILLED with players who are recognized for their charitable works.  To name a few:  Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, Jorge Posada…I could go on and on.

These are also players who do nothing but compliment each other after a victory rather than talk about how their own game went well.

Also look at the Yankee ownership.  The late George Steinbrenner was lonly looked at as papa-money-bags to the media and fans of other teams.  What all Yankees fans know him for was for his charity work and a number of selfless acts that he didn’t want known in public.

Obviously if a Mets fan is going to make this statement about the Yankees so called “classless” acts, then this person must mean that their Mets have more class.  Again, I DO NOT HATE THE METS, but I have to disagree.

Just look at last season alone.

The Mets have a closer by the name of Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez who beat up his father-in-law in the Mets clubhouse.  They have a pitcher by the name of Ollie Perez who kicked and screamed and cried so he wouldn’t be sent down to the minor leagues even though he should have since he pitched so poorly.  They also have a centerfielder named Carlos Beltran who didn’t even tell the team he was injured until he actually went for knee surgery.

Don’t even get me started on the Wilpon’s…

Again, I’m not a Mets hater, but when it comes to insults that aren’t true I have to intervene and give some real insight.


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  1. Ike Davis, D-Wright, Jose who doesn't wanna play, and Carlos “A-Rod” Beltran all have reputable charities; they give back. And as a Yankee fan, in the interest of full disclosure, it disgusts me that fellow fans found it prudent to SPIT ON the Ranger's wifes. It is ridiculous that Joba is allowed to play with a DUI conviction (I don't believe that “role models” should be criminals); and that Andy could even be considered a Hall of Famer having admitted HGH usage. I don't mean to defend the Mets. In fact, I am a Mets hater. But the Yanks also have issues….Fortunately, none of us are Cubs fans.

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