Troubling signs already for Metsies

by Jim Hague
Sure, baseball’s spring training only officially opened last week and there have been only a handful of games played thus far, but there are already a host of troubling signs surrounding my beloved Mets.

First, they managed to parade the hideous and finished Oliver Perez out to the mound to face the Atlanta Braves and he was typically “Bad Ollie,” walking the bases loaded, giving up hits galore and surrendering four runs in two innings that he was admittedly ”exhausted” afterwards.

Please, why is this man wasting the time of everyone by still being a part of the Mets’ spring training camp? Just cut his overpaid ass now and rid the rest of the team the demons that surround Perez. He’s bad news and more importantly, he’s finished. He was tapped out at 83 miles per hour Sunday. With an 83 MPH fastball, you can’t get most high school teams out, nevermind major leaguers.

Just cut bait, throw him to the sharks, do something to rid all of us few Met diehards the pain that Oliver Perez causes. Yes, I thought re-signing him to another contract two years ago was the right thing. I was wrong. He’s awful and more importantly, finished. He’s throwing 83!!!! I can name seven pitchers in Hudson County high school baseball right now who throw harder.

Now, the idea that Carlos Beltran willingly went into manager Terry Collins’ office and offered to play right field _ when Beltran has not participated in a baseball-related activity yet in Port St. Lucie _ tells me one thing. That Mr. Beltran is just about done as a baseball player as well and we shouldn’t expect anything from him this season.

How can the guy know he can’t play center field anymore if he hasn’t stepped on the field do to anything baseball-related? Only one thing that says. He knows he’s done.

Ah, to be a Met fan. Ah, even better, to be a Met season ticket holder.

The NJSIAA basketball state tournament began last night, but let’s face facts. The only game any true-blooded New Jersey basketball fan wants to see is St. Patrick-St. Anthony, which should happen sometime next week at Rutgers in the Non-Public B title game.

The rest of the tourney is nice and it’s an achievement for all the teams involved, but it’s really the only game that matters.

We were robbed of the showdown last year because St. Patrick was declared ineligible for the tourney, but not this year. The Celtics and Friars are on a collision course and the buildup should be getting more and more intense with the passing days.

I’ve been told by some people that St. Patrick won’t lose, but it’s hard to go against the Friars, after watching Kyle Anderson simply dominate the game the way he has in recent weeks. We’ll see.

It’s almost incredible that it’s March and I’ve still yet to put my Christmas presents away. That’s OK, I have seen some people who haven’t taken down their Christmas decorations yet. What’s up with that? Ooops, I may break into dance now like Kenon Thompson on Saturday Night Live.
Now that it’s March, it means March Madness is just around the corner. The bids will come out next Sunday, March 13. Early prediction for the national champion? I haven’t the foggiest idea. I can’t remember a year where the entire tourney is so totally up for grabs. If Duke had a healthy Kyrie Irving, I’d say the Blue Devils would be the favorites to repeat. But since he’s out, it’s anyone’s guess.

Two teams that I think will go far are Purdue and Kansas State, both of whom are playing their best basketball of late. Another will be St. John’s, but the Johnnies are no longer a secret anymore.
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