You’re Fighting Over 60% of 7 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!

In most of our lifetimes, we will never see 7 billion dollars, or better yet 60% of 7 billion dollars. 4.2 billion dollars divided amongst 32 teams comes out to be $131,250,000 to pay the players.  In the past 30 years sports have stopped being a sport and have become a business.  Owners getting richer, players getting richer, fans getting poorer.  When will the players understand that at some point the fans will go away. Yes, the NFL is wildly popular but so was baseball in the 1990’s, the NBA was off the chart in the late 90’s but a lockout which caused the league to miss half a season, yea that drove people away and the NHL we will leave that for another day.

Get yours while you can, should be the NFLPA’s mission statement. Since 1996 NFL average ticket prices have skyrocketed, PSLs have become as common place in the NFL as TDs and YACs.  The scary thing is I can’t believe I’m not on the players side, the gladiators I root for every Sunday, the guys who put their pants on the same way I do that I idolize, YES, I am an NFL Football fan, but like my Dad always tells me, they don’t pay your bills, you pay theirs.  
In late 2008, my Dad a New York Giants season ticket holder received a letter from a team he has been a fan of since he was a young boy and a season ticket holder for most of my life that says we are moving to a state of the art new Stadium and your paying for it.  All of the season ticket holders received the same letter, the United States of America was in a financial crisis, but the Giants and Jets were charging long time season ticket holders a fee to buy tickets in the new stadium.  I say this because the letter to renew their season tickets for the 2011? NFL Season arrives soon and on May 1st the who knows how much the tickets will go up this year, but last year i know what the number was, what will it be next year who knows, but I do know one thing, On May 1st the New York Giants start collecting interest on their fans hard earned money.  If the NFL season is cancelled they will give their fans their money back, with some interest not all of the interest that they earned so even if the season gets cancelled the teams will make money.  
But after saying that I am still on the owners side.  Let’s just get the deal done, I need something to look forward to next year.


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