Jersey City loses a Legend

If you were ever at a baseball field, football field or basketball court chances are Ed “The Faa” Ford would be there.  Read the Jersey Journal and there would be a Faa’s Corner.  The Faa was abrasive at times, the nastiest person you could ever meet at times, but from considering the man a friend for 16 years, The Faa was a father figure, a mentor, a teacher, a coach, a ride home in the rain, most importantly he was my friend.  Whether you played on a Stars of Tomorrow team, Jersey City Cobras team, Diamond Dogs you name it, if you weren’t working your ass off, The Faa would be there to let you know it.  Letting down The Faa at times felt worse than letting down your parents.  Whether you needed extra ground balls or fly balls or extra batting practice, maybe a ride home from school on a rainy day, The Faa would be there.  When I found out today that Mr. Ford passed away, my hear sank, and tears filled my eyes, Mr, Ford goodbye my fiend we will all miss you.

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