Why Russell Martin is a rock star

I always liked Russell Martin as a player in his years with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Now that he’s over here Yankees fans have been able to get to know Martin a little bit more.  I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a rock star.  That’s one of the highest compliments I can give anyone.
When I first heard the rumors of the Yankees possibly acquiring Martin I crossed my fingers in hopes that it would happen.

What I love about Martin is that he’s a young catcher with a lot of talent and potential.  He also displays a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the game.

A lot of analysts were in doubt of Martin coming into this season.  He came off a hip injury that sidelined him for most of the 2010 season and during the winter after he signed with the Yankees he tore his meniscus and needed surgery.  I can understand based on these injuries why some would doubt him, but he is proving everyone wrong.

So far this season in 10 games Martin is hitting a .294 AVG with three home runs, eight RBI’s, two doubles, two stolen bases, and six runs.  He’s not only slugging the baseball, but he’s hustling around the bases as well.

When was the last time we had confidence in our catcher stealing a base?  He stole THIRD base on opening day!

Not to mention scoring on a short fly ball rather than a deep one to ensure the sacrifice fly.

I like seeing enthusiasm and passion in a player.  Martin is showing everyone that he can still play the game hard even after coming off two big injuries.  I love it even more when a new player comes to town and really takes in what it means to play in New York and play for the Yankees.  Nick Swisher picked that up quickly two seasons ago, and I believe Martin is doing the same.
This past week he got 100 extra cool points from me.  Reasons being are 1) he tweeted me and 2) he used a picture I took of him on Opening Day and put it in his Facebook fan page album.

And last and certainly not least, I love when a catcher is willing to paint his nails so pitchers can read signs better.  NO ONE does it better than Russell Martin.
To close I say this to Russell Martin:  Good luck the rest of the season and keep up that passion for the game.
You’ve earned your pinstripes.  Rock on.

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