Playoff Fantasy POTN (5/7)

by Chris Wassel
It was an interesting night in the NHL.  Boston eliminated Philadelphia with a four goal third period (yes two were empty net tallies).  Darren Helm made sure Detroit would not go gently into that good night as Detroit beat San Jose 4-3 so that they would not be swept.

The question is who was the Fantasy POTN?  Always a normally simple answer, last night’s version was a bit muddled.  However after much thought and deliberation, we came up with a player who not only earned it and won, but finally broke out like he should have weeks ago.

Our choice was none other than Milan Lucic, who scored two goals last night for Boston in the 5-1 win over Philadelphia.  His first marker was yes on the Power Play, which Boston has now scored 1 man advantage goal in consecutive games after going 9+ games without one.  Tim Rosenthal of Inside Hockey put it to me best last night.  “Lucic finally got the right bounces and this time knew what to do with them.  The result was two goals and a confidence booster that will serve him well against Tampa.

Getting Lucic going had to be a priority for Boston but even Lucic admitted the condition of Patrice Bergeron was a bit of a concern.  That one is for another time.  Last night, Milan Lucic played like the Lucic we saw all season.  It is that force that makes Boston a Stanley Cup contender and why he was our Fantasy POTN last night.

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