Playoff Fantasy POTN (5/8)

It is Sunday and now Mother’s Day.  Tonight’s Fantasy POTN not only was great on the offensive end but made the Sedin Twins look awful in all aspects.  Early on in the playoffs, it looked like Mike Fisher would be Nashville’s main scoring threat but then it became Joel Ward.  The thing is this.  It is still Joel Ward.

What Ward has done is scored seven goals on the postseason.  Yes David Legwand did score the first two for Nashville but in the third period, it was Ward and the game winning goal was vintage to say the least.  Ward is playing a lot like a certain former Chicago Blackhawk did last year.  He also neutralized the Sedin Twins to the effect of a combined -7 for the two of them.

Yes Ryan Kesler tried to bring back Vancouver pretty much single handedly but it was not meant to be.  Tonight was about Joel Ward and how he was able to find a way to make sure there would be a Game 6 in Nashville.

Okay he was 0-3 on faceoffs but the effectiveness of a guy like Ward was the timely goals he scored and has done so in Round 2 in particular.  Time for a little video…. 

Nashville is going to ride guys like Ward and even David Legwand in Game 6 but Ward is the essential key to Nashville.  He works hard and finds way to get into scoring situations.  Congrats on the Fantasy POTN and now things have been kicked up several notches

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