Playoff Fantasy POTN (5/10)

We are already a third of the way into the month of May.  Tonight’s choice was almost obvious from the beginning but we had some nominees of choosing.  I meanRoberto Luongo did make 23 saves, Mason Raymond and Daniel Sedin both scored a goal.  David Legwand scored for Nashville but in the end there was really only one clear choice.

Nashville forgot the memo that Ryan Kesler came to play again.  It was not just his two assists ladies and gentlemen.  There was that simple fact where he was just the most physical player on the ice.  Simply Kesler was not afraid to take any guy on tonight at all.  Whether it was Shea Weber, Pekka Rinne, or a 300 pound sumo wrestler, it did not matter.  Vancouver was not losing tonight and Kesler made sure of that.

Is he on the level of the greats?  No, not yet.  But again he graces our Fantasy POTN for a third game in a row.  That is the first time this playoffs that a player has done that from one team. There is a true grit that the Sedin Twins could learn a thing or two here.  When you lace up the skates, one must learn how to truly play playoff hockey.  Ryan Kesler knows it and lives it!  Here is a video. 

Every team needs a Kesler in the playoffs.  In the end, the Selke may not be the only thing in his future but time will tell on that one. 

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