Fantasy Hockey POTN (5/11)

There are times when you just expect the inevitable outcome.  When you sit there and look at a series that could go seven, Detroit and San Jose were destined to do so.  Now that everyone has their wish, we can put out there who won tonight’s Fantasy POTN.  There were definitely some worthwhile candidates tonight as always.

Here are a few:

  • Val Filppula (DET) — 1 goal, assist, GWG
  • Pavel Datsyuk (DET) — assist, 4 SOG, +2
  • Logan Couture (SJ) — 1 goal, 4 SOG

Now all three are very worthy choices in a Game 6 that was filled with intrigue and excitement.  All the scoring was in the third period but there was a ton of action in the first forty that many will forget about quickly.  When you run down all the numbers and look at how lopsided scoring chances were in favor of the Red Wings, some did have the feeling that San Jose could steal this.  That was not the case here because fairly or unfairly, it is San Jose.  Shots were 32-13 Detroit after two and scoring chances were 20-9 for the home team as well.  Yet the game was scoreless.  Detroit missed a couple open nets along the way and did have our Fantasy POTN down and out but yet somehow he continued to come up big.

It is odd how a team up 3 games to none could just turn it on in the third period.  The flow of play was pretty even in that third period but in the end, Detroit got three goals to San Jose’s one.  A Game 7 was forced in the most improbable of ways that was also predictable.

So after weighing all the options, our Fantasy POTN is none other than Antti Niemi of the San Jose Sharks.  It was a tough choice but two goals alllowed on 44 shots when Detroit was virtually buzzing all night was a sign that this was the right option.  Yes he did get the loss but without him, San Jose gets blown out of the Joe.  We have video proof and here it goes. 

Sometimes the loser can win for you and it is the third time in the last week that we picked a Fantasy POTN from a team that did not win.  Are we getting soft?  No.  It is just a case where the best fantasy player on the ice happened to not get the breaks.  Hey it happens.

At the end of the day, we get a day off on Wednesday.  Isn’t that nice?  But there is a show to do as always and it gives us time to reflect on what has happened and look ahead to the end of Round 2 of the playoffs in grand fashion.  Take a break fantasy poolies, you deserve it.

Our question is if not Niemi, then who?  It is just a thought. 


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