Fantasy Hockey POTN (5/13)

The second round is now over ladies and gentlemen.  There were a lot of tough choices to be made since it was a Game 7.  We could have gone with Dan Boylewho had two assists last night and was just hitting everything in site like it was 2004.  Then we could have picked Devin Setoguchi, who had a goal and assist with several high quality scoring chances.

Also, Joe Thornton was very solid tonight with a key assist but there was one guy who answered all the critics and no it was not Patrick Marleau (who scored the Game Winner).  Ironically, our choice was the same as our Game 6 winner.

Tonight’s nod err Fantasy POTN is none other than Antti Niemi.  He stopped 38 of 40 and took the best that Detroit could dish out.  The Red Wings piled on a ton of shots in the last two periods along with many quality scoring chances and head hunters along the way.  Niemi was the reason San Jose ultimately found a way to win.  Someone had to hold the lead and this goalie is one who just finds a way.  Here is a little video evidence for the masses….. 

Simply there will be a good more to come on this TGIF!  Congrats again to the San Jose Sharks on advancing but also to the Detroit Red Wings on making this one hell of a Game 7 to talk about for some time.

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