Fantasy Hockey POTN (5/16)

This was one of the toughest Fantasy POTN’s in this playoff year.  Antti Niemi had a very good performance but again was let down a bit by a 79 second lapse.  In this playoff year, it just seems all it takes is a few seconds to go from a win to a loss.  A hero is born in a short section of time. Sure enough, it did occur tonight.

With Vancouver down 2-1, a Sedin Twin finally stepped up and that was when it happened. Kevin Bieksa tied it up and then the game winner was by our eventual Fantasy POTN.  With a goal and assist our choice was tough but this player did get the game winning goal in a much needed Game 1 win for Vancouver.

So our Fantasy POTN was indeed Henrik Sedin.  Props to Antti Niemi with 35 saves and keeping San Jose in it all night.  However, in the end, it was Sedin who finally got away from the pounding Douglass Murray and Dan Boyle were giving him to rise above it and find a way to lead his team like a Captain should.

Here is some video evidence of our Fantasy POTN in action…..

There you have it, just think Monday is a day off for hockey even for the AHL Playoffs.  However, tonight Captain Sedin got Vancouver high tonight….high in a very good way as it felt like 94.


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