Jersey Loses One Of The Good Ones…

(Jon Moncrief posing with the Stanley Cup)

For those who did not know Jon, you probably should have.  Today is a very sad day in the sports world as Jon Moncrief suddenly passed away due to an apparent pulmonary embolism.  He was only 42.

The best way to describe Jon was this.  He simply was larger than life.  Jon had a heart that was as gold as could ever be.  Jon was yes a New Jersey boy before moving out to Southern California.  Tell me if you have not heard that story before.  He graduated from Pascack Hills High School in 1986 and his extensive knowledge of sports is exceeded only by very few.

I had the pleasure of talking to Jon many times, interviewed, phone and considered him a dear friend.  He had a passion most dream of ever having.  Jon’s dream was to revel in the joy of sports and he did that every single time he covered any event or just went to a game.  It was hard to not miss that kind of enthusiasm for not just sport but life as well.

Inside Sports was truly one of his many crowning achievements but the reality is this.  Jon Moncrief was a man who simply just cared.  I do not think he had a mean bone in his body except when maybe arguing a call and even then, he would follow up with a quip that would just make you laugh.

We had the pleasure of having Jon on The Program many times.  This was the last interview I had with Jon from just last month on April 27th.  You can find the link right here.  He is on in the second hour and literally the first thing he asked is why on Earth would you have a cheese steak as one of your revolving pictures (thankfully that was privately)?  It was not a how are you or what is up but that of all things.  It was followed with what was typical Jon, so hurting as by as I am about the Devils. That is just how Crief was as he was affectionately known on Twitter.

Jon knew about many sports.  I honestly believe he was more inside the sports world than I could ever comprehend being.  His loss leaves a deep void not just because of how much he knew but how many he knew in the sports industry.

Jon Moncrief, a Jersey boy who made good, gone much too soon at the age of 42. One can go on his facebook page or his Twitter @Crief to send their condolences. Let us celebrate his life and remember the good times of a great man.  He truly was and always will be someone I look up to.


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