Fantasy Hockey POTD (WCF)


Today presented many really great choices and even one that pains us to mention a bit but he did fire home two pucks so credit has to be given along with a heaping helping of humble pie.  Clearly this was a game of strange bizarre twists as no team has ever scored three 5 on 3 goals in one period.  Vancouver, today, did it in a 1:55 span.

Two of those three goals came from none other than Sami Salo.  Even Roberto Luongo had 33 saves and the San Jose D probably blocked what felt like 30-35 shots (it was 23).  Daniel Sedin had three assists for Vancouver as well.  However, none of these players were the best on the ice for fantasy purposes this afternoon.  There are times where a man just takes over and clearly San Jose did not have an answer for this guy.

Our Fantasy POTD was indeed Henrik Sedin.  Henrik had four assists in the win today and had the primary assists in three of those four goals.  The setup alone toAlex Burrows was worth any price of admission for the playoffs and reminded us of the Pavel Datsyuk play in Round 1 against Phoenix.  To get a puck in that tight of an area under a goalie’s five hole is truly a special gem.

Now its time for some concrete video evidence….

So that was just too good of a play and the four assists was just too good to pass up for our Fantasy POTD.  Have a great night.


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