Fantasy Hockey POTN (5/21)


Well in a game that ended up 4-3 for San Jose, there is a point to saying well it looked like an easy win and then oh my.  That was the type of game it was as San Jose was up 3-0 on Vancouver and then held on late.  Yes San Jose benefitted from 10 chances on the man advantage but Vancouver took advantage of a key 5:00 major by Jamie McGinn.  Vancouver scored twice on that ensuing power play and made this a game.

Now it comes to where to go with the Fantasy POTN.  This was really difficult.  However, we did come up with a winner.  We give our big stick tap to Patrick Marleau who popped in two goals and an assist last night to key San Jose in the first period as they ultimately held on.  Marleau was the difference and had several chances to get the hat trick.  He nearly did it but in the end, no one on the ice was better fantasy wise.  The 7 shots on goal did not hurt his cause either.

In an honorable mention, we thought Joe Thornton would have a pretty big night and sure enough he did have three assists in all.  But give Marleau credit, he helped turn the tables on Vancouver by making them pay for their mistakes.  That is what it is all about in the NHL these days after all.  Here is a little video evidence time.

Have a great night and remember ECF starts early at 1:30pm ET…..


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