The real schmuck of the Mets

by Kelsey O’ Donnell

I don’t have a problem when the owner of a professional sports team takes a shot at their players…as long as there is logic behind it.

It was revealed today in The New Yorker that New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon took shots at three of his key players.

Of Jose Reyes Wilpon said, “He thinks he’s going to get Carl Crawford money,” referring to Crawford’s seven year, $142 million contract with the Boston Red Sox.  “He’s had everything wrong with him.  He won’t get it.”

Wilpon is right in a sense that Reyes has had injury troubles that could effect contract values in the future.  However, he is absolutely wrong to make it sound negative if Reyes wants to pursue a bigger contract.  To be honest, based on the numbers I’d rather have Reyes as a shortstop than Crawford as an outfielder at this point of the 2011 season.

When talking about Carlos Beltran’s big postseason with the Houston Astros, Wilpon said, “We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series.  He’s 65-70 percent of what he was.”

If Wilpon is saying that Beltran is 65-70 percent of the outfielder that he was then yes you could say he’s right given Beltran’s knee injuries.  However he can still hit very well.  He’s currently hitting .281 when his carrer average is .282–not far off.  He and Reyes are basically carrying the current Mets lineup so far this season.

Finally, on David Wright Wilpon said, “Really good kid.  A very good player.  Not a superstar.”

This is probably the most negative comment of the three players.  Wright is the face of your franchise.  Wright is an excellent player and yes he may not be a superstar YET.  Superstars in baseball are Alex Rodriguez or Albert Pujols and Wright is not up to their par yet, but he can get there.

Besides you really must have issues if you’re willing to take a negative shot at your franchise player when he basically played through a broken back in the beginning of the season.

Overall what is really wrong with these comments is the timing.  It’s May and these are the key three players to use at the trade deadline to try and rebuild the Mets.  Making these comments risks their trade value.

Like mentioned earlier Reyes and Beltran are hitting really well right now and aren’t showing many signs of injury or pain.  Wright may have gotten off to a slow start, but he was playing through an injured back.  The timing of these comments could not be worse.

If he wants to talk about bad contracts…look at Jason Bay.  Who was the owner that had the schmuck that gave that contract?  All I’m saying is it’s not fair to criticize Beltran or Reyes when there’s a contract like Bay’s in the Mets franchise.

There’s only one person responsible for the position the Mets are in currently.  That person is Fred Wilpon.  For all of the financial troubles you are putting the franchise in, you’re taking it out on your players? When you’re willing to take the key three players of your squad while the team is currently some what overachieving everyone’s expectations…there’s a problem.


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