Fantasy Hockey POTN (5/25)


Simply tonight, Roberto Luongo was saved.  He made an inexcusable gaffe and then got bailed out by Ryan Kesler as he forced overtime and then Kevin Bieksascored one midway into the second overtime off the back stantion of the net to send the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The funny part in all of this is that in between, Luongo made 54 saves and at least a half dozen of the very good to elite variety.  For as much as many of us have killed Luongo for playing a bit sheltered in these playoffs, he came up big tonight.  It is only one game but it was a series clincher.  Bottom line dictates that credit has to be given where it is due.

So after much thought and debate, Kevin Bieksa is NOT our Fantasy Hockey POTNbut the winner is indeed Roberto Luongo.  Now we will eat our crow and provide a little video evidence as well.  It is only fair and our custom.

That in the end is a main part why Vancouver is moving on. Luongo simply held them in until the cavalry showed up.

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