Fantasy Hockey POTN (5/26)


So we will see you for a Game 7 in Boston Friday Night.  The strangest thing is that tonight we may have a loser taking home the Fantasy POTN on a night that usually does not occur.  It was fun to see all the goals go in unless you were a goalie.  Those numbers were not pretty at all so there is no sense in repeating them at all.  The innocent will be somewhat protected in that case anyway.

Now Martin St. Louis had two goals but we decided to go in a different direction tonight and show the hats anyway.  That is right our Fantasy POTN goes to David Krejci, who scored three times tonight (hat trick) and was all over the ice all evening long.  This was all in a 5-4 loss where Krejci could have had four or five goals as it was that kind of night.

We did say there would be at least one more crooked game and Game 6 dialed that right in.  So what evidence do we have for the David Krejci hat trick?  Well here we go ladies and gentlemen.

He took it so well because he did this earlier in the game….

A hatter is a hatter and that is a good reason for a Fantasy POTN to be awarded here.  The question becomes now who will get it in Game 7?  Things could get very interesting Friday Night everyone.


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