Fantasy Hockey POTN (6/1)


With the Stanley Cup Finals one game down, we get to award our first Fantasy POTN in said Finals.  It is a nice feeling but nonetheless a very tough decision.  We looked at how well Roberto Luongo played in his 36 save shutout performance.  Also, Ryan Kesler had to be considered because his play set up the game winning goal and Raffi Torres for netting the game winner.

There were several viable options but in the end, there was only one that could be chosen.  Our Fantasy POTN for tonight was Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins.  Yes he did give up a goal but he did stop 33 of 34 and honestly kept Boston in the game as long as he could.  In the end, it was pretty much a perfect play that beat Thomas.  Thomas just made too many saves to ignore and in fantasy circles that means something.  He did catch our eye for keeping Boston in the game and by all rights, Boston should have won this game period.

The fact that they did not had nothing to do with Tim Thomas.  Thomas cannot score goals though they may want to try him on the Power Play.  Basically after Boston’s first line, there was not much offense and nothing for Boston seemed to work in the last ten to twelve minutes of the third period except for Thomas.  SomewhereJohnny Boychuk is apologizing profusely to the Boston netminder.

At any rate, we like robbery…..and Thomas loves robbery.  Here it goes.



So who will be the Fantasy POTN for Game 2?  Ah that is the question.  So have your comments ready and let us have it on tonight’s winner.  Please do not embellish it however as we have seen enough of that tonight to last a lifetime.

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