June 2, 1982

At 12:52 AM on June 2, 1982 at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, NJ, Kathryn and George Brew welcomed their first child, an 8lb 15 oz baby boy that they named George Joseph Brew.  He was named after his father George and his grandfather Joseph Sesney.  Over the 29 years oh his life he has won a  New Jersey State Ice Hockey Championship as a member of the 2000 Hudson Catholic Hawks, a championship in the Pershing Field Babe Ruth league in 1995 as a member of Monaco Lock with his dad being the manager of the team, hit a game winning home run in 1992 playing for Vinnie’s Pizzeria on Father’s Day, completed an internship at World Disney World as a member of their College Program and has established the What’s Brewin in Sports Radio Network.  On this day I would like to take time out to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and thank my parents Kathy and George and my sister Katie for always being the best support staff anyone can imagine.  To my grandparents Grace and Joe, the good Lord took you away from me to early, but I will always cherish the times that we had together.  To all my friends, thank you, your love, support and friendship mean the world to me.

Today is Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today in
Sports History
1883 – The first baseball game under electric lights was played in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

1935 – George Herman “Babe” Ruth announced that he was retiring from baseball.

1941 – Lou Gehrig died in New York of the degenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

1948 – The NHL announced that the Art Ross Trophy would be awarded annually to the scoring leader. Elmer Lach (Montreal Canadiens) was the first winner with 61 points in 1947-48.

1959 – Ted Williams (Boston) got his 2,500th hit of his career.

1961 – Jim Hague Sportswriter is born

1982 – Yankees 16 Blue Jays 2

1990 – Randy Johnson achieved the first no-hitter in Seattle Mariner history.

1995 – Hideo Nomo got his first major league victory.

1996 – Tim Belcher (Kansas City Royals) won his 100th career games.

2000 – Fred McGriff (Tampa Bay Devil Rays) became the 31st major league player to hit 400 career home runs.

2010-  Ken Griffey Jr. announces his retirement from Major League Baseball


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