An Ode to the NHL Network



The NHL Network has had a sketchy infancy early on but is it showing signs of striking back? Pat Hoffman weighs in once again.


When it comes to television coverage of the National Hockey League, it has always been spotty to say the least.

ESPN never gave the sport the coverage it deserves and still does not. Versus, although greatly improved over the past few seasons, does not have the NHL on enough and NBC, although great for one game week, needs to be able to show more games instead of just having one a weekend from January/February on.

With that said, one network that has stepped up and improved its hockey coverage of the NHL Network. Obviously, reading that sentence makes one go “duh” but hear me out.

The Network now has more analysts, more around the clock coverage and better content than ever before. The Network even added former ESPN/ hockey guy EJ Hradek and has also used analyst Billy Jaffe a lot, giving the Network even more credibility than it had before.

Yes, the NHL Network needs to do more live games, add more programs instead of showing “NHL On the Fly” over and over again, and gain more traction in the United States. There is no question about that.

However, the Network has done a terriric job of filling a nice need for hockey fans and will only get better as the Network expands.

What do you folks think of the NHL Network?


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