Brendan Shanahan: The New Sheriff in Town

by Shannon Caulfield

The controversial “punisher” Colin Campbell has stepped down from his position as NHL’s disciplinarian, a position he has held since 1996. Campbell’s ways of punishment has seen much both argument and confusion for many years. The “Wheel of Justice” has been created and reworked for years, mostly for entertainment purposes. Campbell will continue to uphold his responsibilities as the NHL’s VP of player operations.

The NHL fan population has been demanding change, and finally they are getting it. Brendan Shanahan, former Detroit Red Wing, New York Ranger and recently retired New Jersey Devil, he is loved by fans throughout the NHL.

Shanahan was hired in 2009 as the NHL’s VP of hockey and business development. Shanahan was the visionary behind this year’s revamped All-Star Game format, that included the popular draft section of the weekend. He has also introduced a Research, Development and Orientation camp summer of 2010.

Brendan Shanahan has already begun his positive influences on the NHL, and the smarts he has to offer as both a former player, and business man. He runs the risk of tarnishing his great reputation through inconsistent punishment; something hockey fans are all too familiar with. Granted, this new face and attitude provides nothing but hope and promise for a more consistent punishment system.

It also leaves promise for a reduced amount of concussions and serious injuries. What else can we expect? Well, that won’t be answered til next season, when Brendan Shanahan gets to really put his values to practice. 

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