Fantasy Hockey Playoff ONE (6/6)



So you were one of those that went to the bathroom or to get a snack or drink and realized the game was over already?  Do not feel bad because many did the very same thing.  Alex Burrows completed a very controversial night and just like that Vancouver was going to Boston up two games to none instead of potentially tied at one.

It is time to take a look back and a quick one at that.


Think of it this way, Mr. Burrows scored twice, had an assist, and potted the game winner just eleven seconds into overtime.  That is why, for Game 2, he was ourFantasy POTN.  The reality was it could be no one else as fairly or unfairly, he took over that game at a time when Vancouver really needed it.  Boston played its best 20 minutes of the series and it looked like Boston may steal one when Burrows helped set up the second goal.

Now overtime is always a crap shoot but then Alex Burrows asserted himself and ended the game in quick and dramatic fashion as seen above.  The key is that Burrows is turning slowly into a fantasy relevant player without the complete help of the Sedin Twins.  That was the rap he got for the last couple years and rightfully so.  However, it has to be looked at once again to see if that really is the case.  Burrows is likely to have some favorable upside next year more than usual as he may be able to finally shed his previous reputation.

What may have been more bizarre is how close some of our numbers were towards overtime. Shots on goal were 32-30 after regulation.  The score ended up being 3-2 in OT for Vancouver which was our second scenario along with Burrows scoring the game winner in the first minute of the extra session.

It came down to Roberto Luongo playing fairly smart and Tim Thomas getting a bit too aggressive but was not helped in the end.  That is the bottom line.  Thomas has to play his style and cannot change it now but has to keep things calm mentally.  Do not get rattled or let Vancouver see it.  That will be a huge key for Game 3.  Speaking of here is that thing called a schedule right now.  We would have been in big trouble if this was forgotten.


MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011

Teams Notes
Vancouver at Boston 8:00 PM


Again this comes down to timely scoring and goaltending as all of these games pretty much do at this juncture.  Boston has to make this series even more ugly as Vancouver, at times, will shy away from true physical contact (not of the dirty kind).  Vancouver has the speed and Boston has the physicality when it wants to.  Now it HAS TO.  There is no retreat and no surrender now for Beantown.

Now physicality can result in great things fantasy wise when combined with timeliness.  Just ask “The CRASH Line” in 1995 who steamrolled so many opponents into submission and scored their fair share as well.  Boston can play in a somewhat similar role while also making the pretty plays as well as they did against Tampa in Game 2 of the last round.

We are due for a crooked score at some time and Game 3 almost seems ripe for it.  Honestly the Sedin Twins have not really erupted yet and the feeling is they will at some point and Boston’s first line has been decent but not very good yet.  It also seems like both those constructs will change some in Game 3.  One of our simulations went high and hard with this scenario but is it what actually played out?

There was also yet another scenario that played out a 2-1 low scoring, energy draining battle of wills with neither team scoring a power play goal.  In the end, we wound up splitting the difference and really not feeling too confident about this one.  Sometimes the NHL11 simulations do not pan out very well at all but we do always keep on chugging.

Well here we go with our three sims for Game 3 and like the movie “Rocky”, we picked the one in the middle.  Give us the strength and fortitude not to screw up too badly here as the under was kind in game 1 and game 2 BUT now there is a twist.


  • Tim Thomas  (BOS) — 3 GA on 28 shots
  • David Krejci (BOS) — 2 goals, 5 SOG
  • Nathan Horton (BOS) — 1 goal, 2 assists, 4 SOG
  • Milan Lucic (BOS) — 2 assists, 4 SOG
  • Zdeno Chara (BOS) — 1 goal, 1 assist, 3 SOG
  • Roberto Luongo (VAN) — 4 GA on 35 shots
  • Henrik Sedin (VAN) — 3 assists, 2 SOG
  • Daniel Sedin (VAN) — 2 goals, 4 SOG
  • Alex Burrows (VAN) — 1 goal, 3 SOG
  • Kevin Bieksa (VAN) — 1 goal, 1 assist, 3 SOG

In the end, this was exceedingly difficult, but we came up with this as our likely bet (note not our best).   If this turns into a shootout, I would not be surprised as the powderkegs are ready to burst so to speak.  The goalies may have to make a ton of insane saves just to keep this from being 6-5.  At the end of the day, here is once again, our prediction.




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