Food For Thought: You can kiss my ***?

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Mark Recchi was recently quoted after a Game 2 loss to Vancouver by the classic words as seen below.

“I’m not worried about critics. I’m worried about my teammates here. Critics, they’re not in the dressing room with us every day,” Recchi said. “They don’t know what I bring to the table every day, so really they can kiss my ass.”

Yes few would dare to go here but we shall as always.  The only reason it was even “bleeped” out in our title was for effect honestly.  Again we are one of the very few that will just come straight out and tell it “like it is”.

Apparently Mr. Recchi did not go to the school of former Indiana Coach Bobby Knight who is the gold standard of what he would really like critics to do as far as a certain part of his anatomy.  This is the sound clip that remains a classic to this day which is right HERE.

Now I understand that Mark Recchi is getting up in his forties and becoming more feisty than usual as he has to defend his ability while playing in the Stanley Cup Finals but one thing is clear.  Recchi can still play and he can definitely play with the media but there is no way that he can hold a candle to Robert Montgomery Knight.  Give us your thoughts.

(The original audio clip from Knight is in its entirety and thanks to for being so generous in not bleeping the end.  No one really likes that).

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