Time for the NHL to step up???

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to say enough is enough. The following video will not be posted on the site as the Whats Brewin but we will kindly put up the link of the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton right HERE.

Now what if the NHL decides to step up here.  Does Boston lose a Milan Lucic to suspension for example?  How far should the NHL go here may be the proper question.  Think about some of the crazy incidents that occurred during Game 3 tonight.  We had a little finger bite taunting at a level that has not been seen in a long while.  There were the constant scrums after every whistle and penalties being handed out like candy.  As a matter of fact, in all, there were a total of twelve power plays combined.

What does the NHL actually do to Aaron Rome?  That is the basic initial dilemma and then the other “ducks” should fall into a row.

Should he get???????

A. 1 game 

B. 2 games

C. 3 games 

D. Rest of the post-season (or more)

E. Paltry Fine

Yes there was the obligatory NHL Wheel Of Justice mention as for the record we did spin it with the playoff mode on and off.  With the mode on, we wound up with one game and off there was six. More than likely this merits a multi game suspension but will the NHL see it that way given its inconsistencies with discipline this year.

Everyone remembers how Matt Cooke evaded suspension several times this year then was finally given ten games plus the first round for a hit that was probably nowhere near as bad as his other transgressions this year (most notably the hit on Alex Ovechkin).

So while Lucic, Thornton, and whomever else may get fines, the focus should be on the fact that Aaron Rome did throw a dangerous blindside hit that likely knocked Nathan Horton out for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals.

My question to our readers is simply twofold.  Will the NHL actually step up? Second, what punishment will Rome actually get.  The puck is now on your side of the ice NHL!


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