Snowball 8, Hell 1 (Final)

The 2011 Stanley Cup Final has had everything including passion and gamesmanship and game 3 in Boston tonight had everything and more.  With the Bruins 8-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL’s non penalizing of Alexandre Burrows after Game 1 reared its ugly head, in Game 2 but in Game 3 not only was its ugly head reared but Vince MacMahon showed up.  With the dirty cheap hit of Nathan Horton by Aaron Rome, which caused Horton to be carted off the ice on a stretcher, and Rome given the gate with a 5 minute interference major and game misconduct, Mark Recchi shoving his fingers into Maxim Lapierre’s face and the SlapShot 4 casting of the 3rd period the Bruins walked out of the TD Bank Garden an 8-1 victor.

First of all to go forward, we must take a look back.  Colin Campbell and the wheel of justice has led the NHL to this point.  A Stanley Cup Final series marred with shenanigans, cheap shots, and players being bit or taunted to bite another players fingers.  While it is funny to watch when Mark Recchi is shoving his fingers into Lapierre’s face or Milan Lucic is trying to get Alexandre Burrows to pull or sniff his fingers, take your pick, the NHL and especially Gary Bettman is holding its head in its collective hands saying, they are making a mockery out of The Final.  And that’s what the 2011 Stanley Cup Final has become a mockery of this great game.  Good luck Brendan Shanahan, you have just been handed the keys to a brokedown, rusted out Studebaker and you need to fix it, so that the Matt Cooke’s, Aaron Rome’s and Eric Goddard’s of the NHL find themselves in the Federal League or maybe the Iron League, or you will have another work stoppage and lose your hardcore fans, because they keep the game moving NOT the casual fans.


Update: Rome has an NHL disciplinary hearing tomorrow morning


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