Fantasy Hockey Playoff ONE (6/8)



Well Game 4 is just hours away.  Thanks to our friends at SBRForum once again.  The reality is there is not too much left to say after Game 3 other than Roberto Luongo gave up a lot of goals (eight), Nathan Horton was in our prayers, and Tim Thomas leveled a Sedin.  Okay there was some taunting but no one cares about that kind of stuff unless there is a new category for it in fantasy hockey.  No I would never suggest that.

The heat is definitely on for Game 4.  New NHL guidelines have been handed down on taunting and there is a distinct feeling of violence in the air.  The mercury outside will be above 90 most of the day which will just leave the players in a lovely mood.  It is one of those things that no matter how much central air, the tempers will rise quickly in Beantown.

Also there just seems to be the feeling that another injury may happen as well.  The Horton injury (severe concussion) just gave out the vibe that more were down the pike and Dan Hamhuis is still out with a lower body injury that looks more and more likely to end his season.  We did a rating and came up with a Injury Ninja probability of 5 out of 10 that a game ending injury will occur in the fourth game of this series.  No matter how much the NHL tries to combat the chippy nature of the game, it almost seems someone will come up with a new low.  The higher probability was for a Vancouver player so stay tuned.

Today’s shorter edition does not diminish the impact this game could have in pools but definitely some felt a little wind taken out of their sails when Luongo got shelled and Horton was injured. Those are the cold hard facts here.  What may be more wild is just how divergent this series has become for hockey fans.

Now let us put up that schedule once again…..



Teams Notes
Vancouver at Boston 8:00 PM

If anyone had told me Vancouver’s man advantage would be worse than Boston’s at this stage of the series, I would have laughed anyone off the stage.  No one is chuckling now as the Canucks have only scored once in those very situations.  Boston actually scored three times on the man advantage and twice short handed in the biggest rout since Colorado hammered Florida 8-1 fifteen years ago to the day.  Talk about weird.

Does anyone really know what to expect in Game 4 other than a lot of chippy play that results in god knows what?  Who knows.  The fact that all of our NHL11 sims could not agree was bad enough.  The fact that they were split and offered a blowout for each side was enough to make our heads spin.

Undaunted, we tried to do our best and indeed this is what resulted.  Cover your eyes and ears.


  • Tim Thomas (BOS) — 3 GA on 35 shots
  • David Krejci (BOS) — 2 goals, 5 SOG
  • Milan Lucic (BOS) — 1 goal, 1 assist, 4 SOG, 5 hits
  • Zdeno Chara (BOS) — 2 assists, 3 SOG
  • Rich Peverley (BOS) — 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 SOG
  • Roberto Luongo (VAN) — 4 GA on 29 shots
  • Alex Burrows (VAN) — 1 goal, 1 assist, 4 SOG
  • Daniel Sedin (VAN) — 2 goals, 4 SOG
  • Henrik Sedin (VAN) — 2 assists, 2 SOG
  • Kevin Bieksa (VAN) — 1 assist, 4 SOG, 5 hits

It was not easy at all to come up with this and no one is even sure if this will even come close. The one fringe sim from Game 3 had Boston winning 7-1 so we were close.  Again there was a 5-2 rout by Vancouver and a 5-2 one by Boston so weirdness could ensue here.  There is always a wildcard and that could be if or when the Canucks figure out that their special teams were once quite good. It is that one thing that could change the dynamic of the series again as well as fantasy pools to a point.

Simply we wish a hearty good luck to the poolies, bettors, and hockey fans alike.  There is a show tonight at 8pm ET where we kind of MST3K Game 4.  Here was our average prediction by the way.


BOSTON 5  Vancouver 3  (FINAL)


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