Yankees Embarrass Themselves After Being Swept by the Red Sox Again!

by Brian Capozzi http://www.bronxbombersbeat.com

Since getting swept by the Red Sox for the second time in a month isn’t bad enough, the Yankees managed to get swept in a very embarrassing way. Please know that I am never going to count the Yankees out, especially over a bad 3-game stretch, but seriously, heads need to roll with how sluggish and pathetic the team played. While I am very upset with the team getting swept, the thing that is bothering me even more is the way the Yankees managed to lose. The pitching was awful throughout the series, Cervelli was awful behind the plate in the two games he was back there by making 3 throwing errors, and the Yankees could never manage to score runs when they needed them. Trust me, I can go on and on about how awful the team has been, but my time can be better spent writing about my experience at last night’s game than complaining about the Yankees struggles. The errors, the lack of clutch hitting, the poor pitching… I can go on and on and on and I will in time.

At 4:00pm yesterday, my buddy Andrew messaged me on Facebook that he had an extra ticket to last night’s game. Like any other Yankee fan out there, how can you pass up that opportunity, especially when you have C.C. Sabathia on the mound. Granted, I was very peeved about the previous two nights, but I couldn’t hold a grudge and not go… I appreciate baseball too much to pull a stunt like that. So, I leave the office yesterday around 6pm to an overcast sky, so I walked back inside, grabbed my umbrella and left for Union Square to pick up the 4 train. After shoving my way onto the train, we made the trek uptown, and as the stadium went from the tunnel underground, up and out to the elevated track in the Bronx, it was raining.

I got off the train, made my way to Gate 4 to meet Andrew and head into the stadium when the heaven’s opened up and it began to POUR! Our thoughts were ‘whatever, it’s just rain, it’ll pass’. We were right it did pass… 3 hours later! For a game scheduled to begin at 7:05pm, the tarp finally came off the field around 10:00pm, to cheers from the crowd, and the game officially began at 10:30pm. For those fans who live outside of the city in New Jersey, this is a HUGE inconvenience as stupid NJ Transit shuts down service on my line at 12:30am. The fact that the Yankees waited for 3 hours confused the heck out of me especially since the Yankees play the Red Sox at the stadium again for a weekend series at the end of September. Anyway, after a few beers and a cheesesteak, we FINALLY got to watch some baseball… for 2 innings before I had to leave and catch a train! By the time I got home around 1:30am, the game was in the 8th inning. Really?! The Yankees-Red Sox couldn’t play a day-night doubleheader in September so those fans who couldn’t see the game yesterday because of the lengthy delay would have a chance to see this historic rivalry? No… instead, the Yankees are offering free tickets to those fans who stayed or left for any available, non-premium games (games) in the grandstand. Good job Yankees… way to slap those fans in the face who might have shelled out a lot of money for tickets to a Yankees-Red Sox game for the experience, but instead they get nothing. Maybe a meaningless August game against the Athletics.

I will end with this one fact… Yankees fans rock! Despite the 3-hour delay, by the time C.C. threw his first pitch at 10:30pm, the stadium was surprisingly full. Not sold out, but a really good crowd. Cheers to you Yankee fans!!!

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