Fantasy Hockey POTN (6/10)


Tonight was a tough one to swallow but we did indeed come up with a winner.  There were lots of fighting over this (okay not really) but in the end one player did just enough to win the Fantasy POTN award because honestly this game was not that pretty.  Normally 1-0 games are full of grit and great goaltending but this one was just missing something.  It is really hard to explain.

What did we wind up doing?  Well congratulations Roberto Luongo as you won tonight’s Fantasy POTN with 31 saves.  Luongo kept his composure and did reinforce the notion that he is a bit of a home goalie in these playoffs.  Then again what goalie is not but #1 is truly throwing out a big spread from home to road GAA (1.70 to 3.49).  The save percentage is a big difference as well but since Vancouver was at home, Luongo posted his second 1-0 shutout of the Finals tying Frank McCool who did it twice as well in 1945.

Sometimes it is not easy to come up with these when the hockey gods do not cooperate but Luongo was the easiest choice.  Now Vancouver stands one win away from the Stanley Cup. Now we use some video evidence before returning you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress.



There you go ladies and gentlemen. We take a bit of a recess tomorrow but will be back tomorrow night with more fantasy nuggets of hockey wisdom. Have a great night.


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