Fantasy Hockey What Is Left?



Well this is the question that few of us want to ask but just what is left?  Now when the Stanley Cup Finals is over, we at The Program will shift into NHL Draft overdrive.  We will even reveal our own NHL Awards as well.

This is more or less the offseason.  We face the reality as the final round approaches and we know it is coming.  However it does not make it any easier.  The question becomes who wins the Fantasy MVP, Fantasy Vezina, etc?

There is a coldness in the air when the season is truly over.  During the off-season, we will also take a look into what some teams could be doing (post-draft) of course.  Why do outlooks that are incomplete?  Waiting until most of the Free Agent Frenzy and NHL Draft is done is prudent in all honesty.

Coming in August will be our annual Fantasy Division Previews.  While we may not be quite as comprehensive as some, one thing we can never be accused of is being overkill.  One wants to win their league and place well.  So why have the meat and potatoes and then so many trimmings that you cannot walk when you do not really need it.

The previews will be done in concert with the podcast so that there can be more meat and potatoes in your face commentary.  There is just so much information that one gets tired of all this “over information”.  So what if is always the question with most fantasy leagues.

What if I could have done better?  What if I could have drafted that potential keeper?  What if I could have planned a little better.  Now we are going to begin to take care of that.  Nuts and bolts is how we do it here at The Program.  Just think the best is yet to come fantasy hockey and hockey fans.

We also will not forget the betting public either as we will handicap the early season odds when they come out in September.  Aloha for now and thanks for reading once again.  Do not forget show tonight at 8pm ET with Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 and 5 recap.  The heat is brought starting at 8pm ET on BLog Talk Radio’s Fantasy Sports Channel.



Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program


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