Fantasy Hockey POTN (6/13)


There was a feeling of inevitability tonight as Boston played Vancouver.  There was a feeling we knew what was going to come.  However it came so fast that it was just a stunning display on various social media sites.  It was as if people did not know how to handle the 4 goals in 4:14 that Boston unleashed on Vancouver in the first period.

Then the problem was that Boston did not know really how to handle it either.  Vancouver did actually start piling up scoring chances, some hit posts, and several close calls.  In the end it was Tim Thomas who found a way to stand tall again.  In the end, Boston would go on to win 5-2 but Vancouver did outplay Boston for good stretches of the last 40.

So our Fantasy POTN was indeed Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins.  That is his third award of this series by the way and really there were not many other good alternatives even for this game.  Simply he allowed only 2 goals on 38 shots.  Game 7 is Wednesday Night and the season will end that night, we think.

Here is the karma of why you do not act not so wisely in a press conference followed by some Tim Thomas robbery.




Yes there was some luck involved tonight but in the end, Tim Thomas stood tall and helped the Boston Bruins defeat the Vancouver Canucks to force a Game 7.  Isn’t this what hockey is all about anyway?


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