Playoff Injury Ninja Ticker (6/14)



Well what do you know the Injury Ninja is on the loose again.  Is anyone really surprised? However, the more noticeable injuries will get our full attention now because there are not quite as much injury news to follow.  It is always good to wait a bit for just such a reason.

Game 7 is hours away and yes this is the last official Injury Ticker of the year.  It is a bit of a sad time as the Injury Ninja will be going on vacation for the summer.  Rumors that he has been hired on to torment another sport could not be confirmed at this time.  What is known is that the uncanny nature of the IN has been truly a good thing for the sport of hockey overall.  In the summer, we will however further our expansion but learning more about the injuries as well.  For the final times ladies and gentlemen…..

Here is today’s Injury Ticker amount:


Well the numbers should be low and they are.  We do not count Rick Rypien as we firmly believe he could play but is being kept out for a reason that is unknown. Players that are probable are not being listed as they are very likely to play barring some kind of unexpected setback.  Also, Aaron Rome is not counted as he is suspended for the rest of the Finals.

Here is the injury breakdown for this week:

LOWER BODY:   1  (Dan Hamhuis OUT)
HEAD:  2  (Horton hears out for Finals)
NECK:  1  (Mason Raymond compression fracture)

SPORTS HERNIA:  1  (Mikael Samuelsson done for playoffs)
FOOT:  1 (Sweatt still out)
UNDISCLOSED:  2  (Edler and Alberts likely to go)


Some think this is a thankless chore to follow thse injuries but necessary especially for fantasy purposes as well as the league.  It gives the fan an idea of what some of the ailments to look for are.

Expect to be quite a few injuries that just do not get reported unless they are obvious. No one wants to be held out unless it is near life or death.  Those are the injuries we really watch for.  You can guarantee there will be several injury scenarios like that in the Finals.

On Thursday we are likely to see a list of injuries that will probably surprise us a bit.  Some will have repercussions surely and some will leave us scratching our heads as well.  This is always just how it is.

Again we want to thank all the beat writers, radio and media outlets, and the fans as well for all of their help.  Without them, there is no way to get an accurate count on the injuries.  All numbers are compiled from these sources to give the reader a more accurate breakdown of what is going on.  See you next week and hopefully your fantasy team is not riddled with injuries as the Stanley Cup Finals continue.

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