Do The Yankees Need Derek Jeter To Win?

by Brian Capozzi 


If the stats this season say anything about whether or not the Yankees NEED to have Captain Jeter in the line-up in order to win, the answer is they do not. Even though Jeter has missed only 4 games through June 15th, in those games, the Yankees are 3-1, while averaging 9.75 runs per game. They have outscored their opponents 39-17 and I should add that those opponents are legit teams as well: Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and Chicago White Sox. Could it be possible that Jeter’s inability to hit in the clutch, and the numerous double plays he has hit into be the reason why the Yankees are thriving without him? Listen, we can’t look to deep into this as it is such a small sample size; however, the reason why I am looking into this now is that I found it hard to believe that the Yankees could win 12-4 in back-to-back games with their leader and $15 million star out of the line-up… especially with Nick Swisher leading off in yesterdays ballgame. I am not saying that Jeter is hurting the Yankees, but it will be interesting to see how the team performs throughout the rest of his DL stint.

Games without Jeter:
April 28: 12-3 (Yankees win)
May 5: 6-3 (Yankees lose)
June 14: 12-4 (Yankees win)
June 15: 12-4 (Yankees win)

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