The lunacy of some, ruins it for everyone else

What started as an amazing show of support for the Vancouver Canucks by their fans Wednesday night quickly turned into an amazingly black mark on the city of Vancouver.

While the eyes of the sports world watched the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, 100,000 fans and revelers lined the streets of downtown Vancouver to watch game 7 on Jumbotrons that were set up by the City of Vancouver.  While the Bruins were inside Rogers Center celebrating their first Stanley Cup victory since 1972, the City of Vancouver and its streets turned into a circus because of drunk and unruly hooligans, that turned over cars, committed acts of arson and theft which repeated the scenes of the Canucks game 7 defeat to the New York Rangers in 1994.

The story on Wednesday night should have been about the Bruins and the blue collar approach they took to winning the 2011 Stanley Cup.  A team that won 3 game 7’s enroute to their date with Lord Stanley.

While Zdeno Chars and his teammates were popping bottles of champagne and lighting cigars the masses in Vancouver had their own sick and perverted celebration of Canucks demise which had them lighting innocent peoples vehicles on fire and popping through plate glass windows to steal innocent and hard working business owners merchandise and livelihoods.

Some have blamed this on a left wing anarchy group that tried to mar the 2010 Olympic Games that were also held in Vancouver, I am going to ask the City of Vancouver and its Office of Emergency Management where was the planning that should have been in place to host 100k people watching a GAME and consuming large amounts of alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances?

We received numerous tweets and e-mails in the 15+ hours many stating that this doesn’t reflect Canucks fans, my answer to all of those people is… THE ACTIONS OF A FEW GIVE YOU ALL A BIG BLACK EYE.


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