Updated: Vancouver Rioting: No Confirmed Deaths Yet!

Why do fans in cities whether they win or lose a championship have to riot.  The estimated 100,000+ fans who gathered outside of Rogers Arena, have claimed their first victim.  A source in Vancouver tells the What’s Brewin in Sports Radio Network that there has been multiple injuries, 5 cars on fire and multiple businesses have been looted. To the family of the injured  our prayers go out to you.

Folks, please remember the details are still coming in, we will update this story as new news becomes available….


As per Jeff Marek, Vancouver Police are confirming that there are 4 different riots going on in Downtown Vancouver.

UPDATES:  7 or 8 bus loads of SWAT are heading in as we will keep you posted.  Also, Boston Bruins still celebrating in the arena.  Questionable when they will be able to get out of Vancouver at this point.  Situation is fluid as another car has been flipped over.  More to come….

12:54am ET:  Three fatalities according to source related to CTV.  Too many fires for CTV to actually pan around to.

1:03 am ET:  There are still areas where VPD has little or no control.  Please just try to stay safe.

1:09 am ET:  Clearly an explosion at the Hudson’s Bay Company…..looting and people clearing out.

1:14am ET:  RCMP is at Seymour and Georgia dispersing the crowd.  Problem is building is catching on fire from awning.  Anarchists group from last year probably latched on to this in some way.  It does not matter.  This is still a situation that is very fluid and extremely dangerous.  Action needed to be taken sooner.

1:26am:  CTV now saying there are no fatalities but that St. Paul’s Hospital is on Code Orange is fairly alarming.  That usually means significant injuries and/or casualties.

1:46 am:  Reports of stabbings and injuries….the best advice is stay out of harm’s way.  If you have ever been in anything like this, have a plan.

2:03am:  Bruins leaving Rogers Arena with police escort of 10-12 bikes.  Hat tip to BizJacobs from Inside Hockey.

2:14am:  From @SusanLazaruk: VGH spokesman said 3 major injuries tonight, including man who fell at Georgia Viaduct and is in critical condition, stabbing, hd injury.

2:40am:  Looters using fences to stand up to police and police begin to make their moves.  Clearly an end game is coming sooner rather than later. 

2:48am:  Police seem to be winning the battle at Robson Square, one of the original places of mass rioting in this episode.  Situation is calming down but the fallout will not.

2:58am:  Area around Sears is pretty well secure at the moment as police had to use quite an arsenal. 

3:03am:  Please follow @Vancouverclean for info on the cleanup Thursday and it is a facebook event.

3:07am:  57 injuries, 2 major traumas, 2 stabbings, and 1 head injury are the latest.  Crowds are being dispersed and this is pretty much over ladies and gentlemen unless some rioters do something else even more incredibly stupid.


We apologize for some of the information that came in early on but it was reliable enough at the time.  Thankfully the situation is calming and in the morning, there will be a considerable fallout.  Hopefully there can be something learned in all of this.  At the end of the day and night, it really is only a game and not a place for hooligans just to riot.  That is the cold reality presented in front of all of us now.  We would also like to pass on our prayers to the families of those who were injured tonight in Vancouver.

The most important thing is to learn from all of this.  We are done here but have a great night and thanks again.


Whats Brewin Staff


FINAL UPDATE:  This will be the last update before we deeply reflect on the riots later.  Nearly 150 injuries, several in critical, and most importantly there were no fatalities.

Late Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning was a time in our lives that no one was really proud of what they saw.  It was good to see how hard Vancouver Cleanup was workin this morning and all day today.

The key is they had made significant progress.  While Boston celebrates, Vancouver slowly mends.  The process has really just begun and thanks for following us throughout.



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  1. Mark Shepherd

    “”Why do fans in cities whether they win or lose a championship have to riot.””

    who said anything about these rioters being fans? These are people who want to cause problems because that is their lifestyle, these are not the ordinary happy fans.

  2. The most disgusting display of civil disobedience I have ever seen. Where were the police…they came in too late…The “fans” showed complete disrespect for their own city and the police.

    This is a turn-off for anyone considering a trip to Vancouver.

  3. Just so people know, jack asses pre planned the riot and it was not the fans. These people apparently made an event on facebook and brought gasoline as well as other things.
    I hope everyone injured recovers and that no one passes from such a disgusting incident

  4. Fan! this is not fans,but loot.

  5. Fan! this is not fans,but we can say loot.thats all

  6. this is so freaking sad I love Vancpuver and this makes me mad

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