Father’s Day Wishes…


Father’s Day is the one day of the year (yes it should be everyday I know) that you really take time to reflect on all the things that your dad has done for you. All those drives to hockey practice or the time he picked you up after you fell off your bike. The little things…the things that really matter is what I will always remember about my Dad on Father’s Day.

Even though my father passed away over six years ago…those memories will always be there for me. He was the only person I know who could take me to an 8am hockey practice after working till 5 in the morning and never complained once about it. The man would sit there and watch and never fell asleep. Afterwards, Dad would take me out for breakfast and told me what I did right or wrong but always accentuated the positive and told me how to eliminate the negative…not just throw it in my face. He was always amazed at how good I could skate (truthfully it wasn’t a thing of beauty at times) but I did get to teach him how to skate…something I appreciate to this day.

My dad was an instrumental part of my hockey life but more importantly he shaped my life. For all the mistakes I made, he didn’t just comfort me but always found a way to show me how to fix these problems. I probably haven’t fixed all of them yet but someday, I know I will. The one thing he always showed me was a sense of humor. He probably had the best one….if only because sometimes, he did some of the funniest things you could ever see. The classic corn on the cob in the false teeth or the soda trick he had where he could shake the bottle up…and always found a way to open it without the bottle exploding in his face but you always thought it might. My Dad always could laugh at others but more importantly, could laugh at himself. They say laughter is the best medicine, well he could cure a world of their ills with his.

I could never thank my Dad for all of the things he has done for me. It would be like trying to climb Mount Everest with no jacket on. However, everyday I am grateful…grateful for all of his lessons and just for him being my dad. He was the best husband a wife could ever ask for….a man for all seasons…..but best of all he was the man I looked up to most….my Hall of Fame Dad.

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