Thank God Its Friday

Yes it is TGIF for sports fans and there are things going on other than hockey.  It sounds awfully strange but it is true.  This is not your normal post here on Whats Brewin.  Think of it as sort of a prep for what is going to go down tonight in the sports world


Colorado Rockies @ New York Yankees — 7:05 pm ET

What you need to know:  The Yankees get a three game homestand against a team that usually does not fair well in the Big Apple.  Ubaldo Jimenez and AJ Burnett sound like a fun Friday Night summer pitching matchup but clearly both pitchers have only shown flashes of their former selves.  While Burnett has been a hard luck loser too many times this season, Jimenez has mightily struggled stringing together quality starts.  It also does not help when cramps have become a problem either.

The Yanks will have to jump on Jimenez early while being patient.  This year it seems the key is just to be disciplined because eventually that pitch will come.  It is much the same with Burnett as well for Colorado.  If either pitcher goes more than six, I will be surprised.

In a battle of bullpens, the Yankees should be able to win out on this now.  Expect some scoring and a few home runs too as the Yanks hold on tonight to defeat the Rockies 6-3.  Yanks star tonight will be Robinson Cano.


New York Mets @ Texas Rangers — 8:05pm ET

This could be a really long night for the Mets as they are 37-38 and on the precipice of .500 once again.  Mike Pelfrey is not having the greatest of the seasons and facing the Texas big three tonight in Texas does not appear like it will be any fun.  It has the makings of being an unmitigated disaster.  Pelfrey gets in trouble way too often and never seems to be able to find the out pitch he needs this year for more quality and consistency.  Last year he found that way more often than he did not.  It could be why his record is what it is with an ERA at 4.70.  Texas counters with Matt Harrison, who is a better pitcher on the road than at home but is a respectable 5-6 with a 3.16 ERA.

By the way, Harrison’s home era is 4.41 and batting average against is .270.  Those are numbers that the Mets bats should be able to take advantage of.  However despite the best efforts of Beltran, Reyes, etc, it is hard to see Texas not taking the opener tonight and not scoring quite a few runs while doing so.  The Mets will put up a fight early but in the end Texas wins this one almost going away.  Texas takes it by a score of 8-3.



The New Jersey Devils draft 4th tonight in the first round, while the New York Islanders draft 5th and the New York Rangers draft 15th.  In case you missed it, thanks to Shannon Caulfield, here is what happened yesterday and a bit of intrigue thrown in to spice it up.

The eve of the 2011 NHL Draft blew up with dramatics. To hockey fans, this is usually a day of drama, excitement and sadness. Players come and go on this day and yesterday Flyers fans lose two of their most favorite players.

Richards went to the LA Kings for Wayne Simmonds and World Juniors star Brayden Schenn. Carter, who was dealt first was traded for a 1st round pick and 3rd round pick in 2012, and Jakub Voracek.

Flyers fans are outraged over the trade, taking to twitter to voice their sadness. Many stating they were in tears and were shocked the Flyers had the gall to trade their captain. Flyers also officially announced the signing of new goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov. He signed a 9 year 51 milliondollar contract to stay in the City of Brotherly Love.

The drama has just begun though! In the true fashion of the trade deadline, other players will be dealt today as well as being drafted. I can’t begin to fathom how much fun it will be especially after yesterday. In no way are the Flyers done.

Penguins are also on Jagr Watch as bloggers and twitters are calling it. As per Rob Rossi, he has spoken with both Shero and Lemieux, but have not come to terms with a contract.  Jagr cannot sign a deal until July 1st but that will not stop talks from continuing.

It is still early in the day and once 7pm roles through, we may be seeing big changes to some rosters.  For example a deal to send Ryan Smyth from LA to Calgary may nearly be done pending Calgary approval.  Stay tuned via Twitter and we will keep you informed all night.


So tonight is really a baseball and hockey kind of night.  Do not forget the No Goal Sports Show is on at 11pm ET only on Blog Talk Radio and enjoy your sports night.

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