FH 101: What We Learned Today


The most important thing when looking at talent is to have the ability to draw on the experience of others who have pretty much seen it all.  Humbly there are too many to thank via Twitter that were at the NHL Draft the last two days.

Simply it is just a day to reflect but tomorrow night we will recap the draft on The Program.  All the trades and big draft picks will be combed over.  There will also be fantasy critiques as well so really you do not want to miss it.

Also there will be talk on trades that had more lives than most cats.  It is something that we often joke about but after this draft weekend we are not anymore.  Hopefully a couple of the near dead trades get resolved one way or the other as well as theRyan Smyth trade which is on a holding pattern.

It will be a fun to take a look at the fallout on other sides as far as what has transpired in the last 48 hours or so.  Again we take a bit of a break to decompress and yes play some hockey.  It helps us scout things and plan strategy a bit.

Fantasy winners and losers of the draft to come tomorrow.  Until then, aloha.



Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program


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